16. February 2013 12. May 2013

RUDOLF GOESSL. Transformations

Curator: Andrea Jünger BA

Rudolf Goessl (born in 1929) began to devote himself to monochrome painting as one of the first Austrian artists in the 1960s. Already concerned with the fundamental issues of human existence in those days, he succeeded in capturing the traces of his search in meditative color spaces of “infinite” depth.

As a well informed, yet introspective loner, Goessl pursued his way as a painter in complete silence throughout the following decades.

The comprehensive retrospective not only assembles a lot of unknown works, but also testifies to Goessl’s role as a missing link to the 1980s’ generation of the “Neue Wilde” group of artists.

Guided tours through the exhibition
(Duration about 60 minutes)
Every first and third Sunday of the month 3:00 p.m.
17. February 2013
03. March 2013 and 17. March 2013
07. April 2013 and 21. April 2013
05. May 2013
Tour per person: € 3

"Duett" Tour of the exhibition with Rudolf Goessl (artist) and Andrea Jünger (curator).
21. April 2013, 4:00 p.m.

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