29. September 2012 27. January 2013

Hans Kupelwieser. REFLECTIONS

The major retrospective REFLECTIONS dedicated to Hans Kupelwieser will present a number of new work groups especially conceived for the occasion and confront these with a selection of the artist’s early works.

The works on display offer a survey of Hans Kupelwieser’s reflexive approach in and to his production and elucidate how the artist – in impressively ever-new ways – aesthetically juggles with the two- and the three-dimensional, with surface and volume, with the kinetic and the virtual even to the point of hybrid architecture. The exhibition, which will be accompanied by a catalogue, authentically conveys a landmark feat of artistic creation in the center of sculptural works.

It is the use of various techniques, media, and materials that is important to Hans Kupelwieser in exploring and fathoming an adequate contemporary language of forms. The range of exhibits spans from early photographic works with conceptual aspects and objects on comparative art history to experiments concerned with new ways of perception, inventions, and the production of hitherto unseen things.

Hans Kupelwieser (born in 1948), who received the Recognition Award of Lower Austria and has held a professorship at the University of Technology in Graz since 1995, has made a name for himself primarily as a sculptor and, subsequently, with his works in public space (such as his “Hohlkopfwand” in the government quarter of St. Pölten, the Jewish Cemetery in Krems, and the lake stage in Lunz am See).



Portrait of an Artist, video, 8:28 min.


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