09. June 2013 13. October 2013


The multimedia artist Marianne Maderna (born in 1944) will unfold the parable of a three-dimensional theater of the worlds in the Dominican Church in Krems. Thousands of pictogram-like animation drawings of manlike and animal beings will populate the space of the church turned into a walk-in 3 D projection and multipartite sculptural installation. The artist’s HUMANIMALS moving live through the church will directly communicate with the public. Different sequences of events will develop from the basic patterns of changing social systems, structures of power, and the dialogue between the sexes.

Marianne Maderna’s work is pivoted on exploring the nature of man and visualizing his inner being, his emotions and moods, which she tries to grasp by analytically observing motions and poses of the body. Very early on, at the age of four, Maderna already dedicated herself to people and animals formed of paper she put into bands cut from the lids of cardboard boxes so that she could move them to and fro. “This was a game of life for me in a way, with no winners and no losers,” she says.

As a painter has the full range of colors to use, Marianne Maderna employs a wide variety of invented figures and their doings to translate the things she has seen into a language of reduced forms. These invented figures also provide the starting-point for the artist’s 3 D animations and haptic installations. As the vocabulary can always be extended and renewed, Maderna evades the perfectionism and familiarity that spring from repetition and again and again conquers new territory.

Concerning the light situation in the exhibition:
the interior of the church is darkened and only selectively illuminated by black light. Take your time until your eyes get used to the semi-darkness. Please return the 3D glasses after your tour through the exhibition at the cashier’s desk. Thank you.