05. June 2016 16. October 2016



Curator: Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein

Mainly relying on sculptural techniques, the artist Elisabeth von Samsonow has been committed to exploring bodies, the nature of materials, their character as apparatuses, and their affective qualities since the early 1990s. Sculpture, installation, and live action are integral elements of a broadly conceived practice which allows for the fact that bodies constitute intensities that exercise their influence far beyond the respective solids’ boundaries.

The title of the exhibition, “Transplants,” relates to those hybrid interstices from which the boundaries between bodies, language, and observers are remapped and renegotiated.

Curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, the comprehensive exhibition in the Dominican Church in Krems juxtaposes sound-sculptural and bio-plastic workgroups of the Samsonow Transplant Orchestra from the last six years and a performative archive (1991–2016) integrated into the show, surveying the artist’s manifold oeuvre and offering the opportunity to also approach the body of works created by her since 1991 in an interactive way. A monumental sound installation developed for the Dominican Church, “Labor des Endo-/Exo-Korpus” (Laboratory of the Endo-/Exo-Corpus, 2016) suggests a readjustment of plastic-synaesthetic perception, spanning from the “informed” material of sculptures to sound as an immaterialization and expansion of the body.

Designed by Carl Pruscha, the exhibition architecture unfolds a complicit parcours provocateur with the artist’s sculptures, which, as an architectural program, underscores her open and transformational sculptural thinking.

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